Half our boats are sold out of state, we'll help you with the process and make it as easy as possible! 

FORMS of PAYMENTS: If your from out of town - we accept:

1. Bank Cashiers Check - Made out to: Journey Auto & Boats

     ** NOT TO KY-BOATS **

2. Financing with Priority One. See instructions below.
3. Bank Wire Transfer.... This takes 24 - 48 hours. Call us for instructions.

4. Cash.

We DO NOT accept: 
1. Personal Checks
2. Credit card checks 
3. Bank Certified Check.  
4. Bank letter of Credit or Guarantee as a form of payment. 

No exceptions.

Have a trade in?

1. Please send us 5-10 pictures of your tradein including pictures of ALL damage along with an                       ACCURATE description! The final value of your tradein will be evaluated upon inspection. Please                 include: Make, model, motor, hours and how much you need for it. 

2. Please send us a copy of your titles before you come down - kyboats@gmail.com 

3. Make sure you have both titles. One for the boat and one for the trailer. 

4. If there is a lien, make sure the lien is off and you have proof. 

5. If your trading in an I/O make sure you inform us what outdrive you have.

6. Tradeins WE DON'T ACCEPT: Campers, Motorcycles, ATV, SIDE by sides, guns, cabin cruise boats or       cuddy cabin boats.  

Need your boat shipped?

1. Put a non refundable deposit down to hold your boat
2. Proceed with the bank wire transfer or mail a bank cashiers check. 
3. We'll call and make the shipping arrangements for you! Normally rate is $1.00 a mile. 
4. If your shipping your boat out of state - you don't have to pay KY sales tax! 

Financing your boat with Priority ONE? 

1. You'll need to get insurance on the boat, motor and trailer listing the bank as the "loss payee" 

    We must have this insurance binder before the boat leaves. Its best to do this the day before, 

    it can take several hours to receive it. 

2. ALL people financing the boat need to appear in person to sign the bank paper work with proper ID

3. You must come to KY and sign all the paper work with Priority ONE. 

4. It will take 24 - 48 hours to get the approval from Priority one, please get the pre approval

    before coming down to help save you from making 2 trips. 

Journey Auto & Boats Inc.

193 Automotive Dr.

Richmond KY 40475