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XXL TurboSwing Ski Tow Bar

The XXL will turn even a mild mannered fish and ski into a competition caliber wakeboarding towboat! The XXL is suitable for boats with engines ranging from approximately 100-250 hp


Corrosion resistant 316 stainless steel tow bar elevates the tow rope to keep it clear of the wake and prop wash
Pulley system affords smooth, consistent pulls
Improves vessel stability , maneuverability, fuel economy and towing power
Universal motor bracket installation - fits virtually any brand of outboard motor
Tow ropes clip quickly and easily to TurboSwing pulley system
Can accommodate multiple riders
Protects engine from impact

Tow bar can be quickly removed


Here's a link to Turboswing website: https://turboswing.com/xxl-turboswing-tow-bar.html